Harper Government to Make Prayer Mandatory

New legislation to make prayer compulsory? Insiders on the Hill are buzzing today with rumours of new legislation introducing a compulsory prayer to be said at the opening of government sessions and other civic occasions.

The new prayer comes hard on the heels of a recent Supreme Court Decision that ruled Saguenay City Council could not begin its weekly meetings with the lord’s prayer.

Rumour has it that the new legislation will make the prayer compulsory at the opening of the daily Question Period in Parliament, before all Senate and House committee meetings, and at all comparable sessions of provincial, territorial and municipal governments.

Insiders also speculate the legislation will make the prayer compulsory in both public and separate schools in all jurisdictions.

Lobbying for opening prayers at the G-8, G-20 summits, and the World Economic Forum (Davos) is said to be ramping up under the advocacy of Canada’s Office for Religious Freedom.

8 thoughts on “Harper Government to Make Prayer Mandatory

  1. Could you post a link to your source? I wanted to read more information on this but have not been able to find anything aside from the Supreme Court ruling.


  2. Once again Harper slams Canadians in the face with his hatred for Canadians…cause this certainly isn’t about religion. narcissism definitely. But religion, no.

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