Harper’s Election Advance Team Surfaced in Iraq

HarpElectionTEAMIntroducing Harper’s election campaign advance team. They just came back from Northern Iraq where they were adding to Harper’s war zone photo bank for the upcoming election. The team was there to perfect every touch. Look here, Prime Minister, shift that right foot, breathe, give us the powerful chin jut one more time, feel it, FEEL it aaaahhhh … Got it. Fantastic work sir. Now just a few more poses – we’re looking for all of it here, BIG, TOUGH, FEARLESS … For God’s sake, where’s that massive flag – how hard can this be people. OK. Jets fired up … get them in line. Watch that wing-tip angle – we’re talking big backdrop here. Look at that light, we’re talking unforgettable, right now. PEOPLE, where’s his flak jacket?

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