Mike, Nigel and Canada’s Favorite Squirrel

 Red Squirrel Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

Red Squirrel Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

From our roving Urban Nature Correspondent:  Although not usually found nested in buckets like former Senator Mike, the Red Squirrel is common across North America and can be found frolicking in our forests and urban environments.

Also abundant in Prince Edward Island woodlots, the Reds weigh about 200 grams and range from 28 to 34 centimetres (11 to 14 inches) in total length. Reddish to yellowish on the back, they have a black line along the side, which separates the back color from their whitish underparts.

Great talkers, they have been known to become aggressive when they believe others are invading their territory and when  they experience discrimination. Squirrels can be vocal. One has pointed out that Nigel Wright’s recently revealed use of the term ‘squirrely,’ squarely ridicules squirrels simply because they are nut eaters.

Squirrels also want it known that, unlike right wing politicians and hamsters, they do not spend their time spinning on wheels that go nowhere.