Advice to the Harper Base

Just one week after the launch of our Humans vs Harper blog, we’ve already learned to expect surprising Comments from unknown sources.

Today’s find: Advice to the Harper Base.    

  • Say what you think, but first leave the Party.
  • Remember the Harper Trinity: Leader. Party. Fundraising.
  • Believe the word – oil is life.
  • Understand that neither Stephen Harper nor John Baird is a member of the elite.
  • Be careful not to salute mouthy veterans.
  • Learn to love rich immigrants.
  • Believe that we will balance the ancestral pipeline rights of corporations with the First Nations … whatever.
  • Always avoid making jokes about women, especially if they are single, married or sitting MPs.
  • Rejoice: If closing the economic gap were really important, it would be in the Old Testament.
  • Feel the surplus rapture, but don’t expect to spend it.
  • Give up your privacy rights with full confidence.
  • Trust that budding terrorists need the RCMP to enable them.