“No Taxes Are Good Taxes …”

Harper's makeup artist made him look nice for his one-on-one with Peter Mansbridge

Harper spent an estimated $300,000 of taxpayers money for his makeup artist and hairdresser to accompany him on more than 14 trips around the world.

“except for these … heh heh”

  • Taxes that pay for advertising my reelection campaign under the cloak of government information [$750 million]
  • Taxes that pay the legal fees to fight Aboriginal land claims and challenge their treaty rights [$billions]
  • Taxes that paid for Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin to tour the country campaigning and fundraising for me [$250,000 est]
  • Taxes that paid for my makeup artist to travel overseas with me for the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands and on 13 other trips [$300,000 est]
  • Taxes that pay the legal fees to fight veterans in court [$700,000 to date]
  • Taxes that paid for all the photographs of me covering the walls of the Conservative Lobby room and on my web site [$2 million est]
  • Taxes that subsidize the oil and gas industry [$1billion annually]
  •  Taxes that cover a gift to a private company of a $30-million piece of prime Ottawa real estate for a memorial to victims of communism [$29.9 million]
  • Taxes that pay the legal fees to fight a sexual harassment class action suit by 380 (and rising) former and current female employees against the RCMP [$2 million est]
  • Taxes that subsidize Canadian companies to manufacture military vehicles and weapons for sale to countries like Saudi Arabia [$2.5 billion est annually]

“But that’s it! I promise (heh heh)!”