Which Rat Will Jump Next?

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Scientists discover rats’ ability to make most “statistically optimal” decision

Our poll was wrong!

Savvy readers of Humans vs Harper should be able to get it right! So come on, folks, take the poll.

Update June 19, 2015:

Today Industry Minister James Moore announced he would not run in the next election, citing concerns about his son’s health. He did not rule out a return to politics at some future time.

Earlier this week, James Rajotte, Conservative MP from Edmonton-Leduc announced he was resigning from politics and will not run in the upcoming federal election. He wants to “move on to other challenges.”

No one who took our poll wrote in Rajotte’s name. Not one single reader of Humans vs Harper expected this!

Update May 29, 2015: Readers of Humans vs Harper are savvy political operators, but even they were caught by surprise by this morning’s news. It was not Laureen Harper quitting the Conservative party, but rather Peter Mackay!

So back to work, loyal readers. Take the poll!

Who will be next to go?

Cabinet ministers, MPs, members of his inner circle—they are deserting Harper as we speak. More than 20 Conservative MPs have announced they will not run again in the 2015 election.

So far this year there have been several notable desertions:

  • Eve Adams, MP, crossed the floor to join the Liberals.
  • John Baird, Minster of Foreign Affairs, quit suddenly to head for golden pastures. (He’s now on the Board of Barrick Gold.)
  • Jason MacDonald, Director of Communications to the Prime Minister, resigned to take a job in the private sector. (Harper has had nine different communications directors since gaining power.)
  •  Patrick Brown resigned his seat after becoming leader of Ontario PC party. (Will he fare better than Jim Prentice?)

Who will be next?

Who do you suspect of secret desires to quit the Cons, to get out while they can? Take our poll, and see what others think.

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