Stephen Doesn’t Care about You

Jenny Migneault: “Mr. Fantino, I’m just a vet’s spouse. You’re forgetting us, once more. We’re nothing to you.”

Jenny Migneault: “[Minister] Fantino, I’m just a vet’s spouse. You’re forgetting us, once more. We’re nothing to you.”

You may think he cares about you but he doesn’t. Have a look:

  • Stephen says he cares about the veterans and always makes much of our courageous men and women in uniform. But then he forced veterans off their pensions with meagre lump sums and has abandoned wounded soldiers to fend for themselves. He says, “Ottawa has no special obligation or ‘social contract’ with veterans.”
  • Stephen says he cares about middle class families. But he continues to push his union busting legislation that takes away people’s right to unionize by making it easier for employers to intimidate workers and engage in illegal union busting. That hurts families and the economy. “Countries with the highest percentages of union membership have the most income equality.”
  • Stephen says he cares about women (“the niqab is anti-woman”). But then he uses taxpayers’ money to fight 380 female employees of the RCMP who have a sexual harassment class action suit against the force. Why is he forcing women into the courts to get justice? And now, as the military appears to be waffling on serious and important recommendations made by a former Supreme Court judge in a report on sexual harassment in the military, what will he do?
  • Stephen says he cares about keeping Canadians safe. But then he stokes fear of the other by attempting to limit the human rights of new Canadians to wear what they want to their own citizenship ceremony; by insulting Muslims; and by speaking ignorantly of Islam. His fear mongering gives permission to some Canadians to act out their prejudices, sometimes in violent ways. How is that keeping us safe?
  • Stephen said he cares about the lives of children victimized by child pornographers. (“You’re with us or you’re with the pornographers.”) But then he forced the RCMP to “donate” $10 million from this program to help balance the budget. Now the RCMP has fallen far behind in following up on tips from the public and there are dangerous individuals on the loose on-line. Who’s on the side of the pornographers now?
  • Stephen doesn’t even bother to say he cares for murdered and missing Aboriginal women. He says that a national inquiry isn’t necessary because 40 studies have already been done. He neglects to mention that almost none of the more than 700 recommendations in these studies have been implemented by his government. He told the families: “It’s not high on my radar.”

Stephen’s not in it for you. Why are you in it for him?

7 thoughts on “Stephen Doesn’t Care about You

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  2. And then there’s his stand on prisioners and the prison system. The escalation of punishments and isolation of those incarcarated is one of the more scary aspects of the Harper government. How does that help offenders reintegate into their communities once released?


    • I know it’s awful isn’t it. He cancelled one of the most successful prison programs, a prison farm in Ontario. Another one, showing an 86% success rate was also cancelled. The sooner we see the back of him, the better!


      • He preys upon the vulnerable as he exalts those he likes. He discriminates on the basis of gender, culture, position, economics, language, health, and on and on. In short, he is a bully. He does this because he can get away with it. This is the pattern in all parties in power over time. This reinforces for me the dangers of majority governments and the need to have a limit on the terms as in the US.

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      • You’ve pretty much covered the waterfront, Evelyn. (Or should we say “bullyfront”?) And now his fixed election date lets him spend millions on advertising before the writ is dropped, and none of it is governed by the elections spending regulations. Let’s hear it for proportional representation!


  3. He brings in tax refunds and other financial perks (volunteer CPP contributions, changing rules for RRIFs and TFSAs) which only help the rich who can afford to partake. No wonder they vote for him. The rest of us are on our own.

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