Confessions of a Stephen Harper Troll – Chapter Two

TrollRectangleWe weren’t sure that we would be able to bring our HvH visitors and fans Chapter Two of this fascinating saga but our inside gal is telling us to hang in. She says this baby Troll is a real keener. In Chapter Two, he’s biding his time as he waits for his Troll Thesaurus.

Chapter Two:

It turns out that Duffy is not talking. His lawyer is running the show and he won’t let Duffy say a word. Nigel couldn’t get the guy to go away, but this lawyer shuts him up—go figure.

Anyway, I’m on standby waiting for a new assignment and they got me in training. Kind of, have you got what it takes to be a Robo Troll? Guess what? I’m gonna ace that course.

Guess what else? We’re not the first party—oops—to do this. The Russkis have been doing this for a while only they work in teams. I wanted a partner but they said that was too risky. What do ya do when the Commies got more balls then we do?

Right now I’m waiting on delivery of my Troll Thesaurus. I don’t mind the wait because the UFO Club has started up again. I came up with my troll name, Rambo Robo. I thinking of making the O’s large, like RambO RObO. I figure that would really grab people.

Played around a bit with my first post, but I got struck. Couldn’t decide if I should start off with bite my dust or eat my dust?

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