Confessions of a Stephen Harper Troll – Chapter Three

TrollRectangleChapter Three

They now tell me they got a list of targets for me.

I said, Kaboom!! They LOLED!

Anyways, there’s some old time hoity toity pointy-head called Himelfarb or maybe the Broadbent Institute – what??

I thought that guy was long gone. When I troll them, I’ll start with, dearly departed … LOL

There’s a couple of French Nippers from Montreal – talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Guess what, I don’t speak frog.

I wanted May, but they said there’s a waiting list.

They did ask if I wanted to take on Preston. That really surprised me cause I forgot all about Preston.

When I asked them what they had against Preston, they clammed up.

These guys,eh? They’re all nervous as a cat on a better mousetrap.

Meanwhile, I came up with this idea for Troll Talking Points – like put them in a binder, so it’s all there in one place.

They said no. They said knowing the facts makes it really hard to forget them. That actually made sense to me.

I suggested maybe we could use pictures sometimes cause, you know, a picture is worth a thousand whatevers.

They said no cause people would identify me.

Like I was going to use a real picture of moi?

I told them my name and they were kinda OK with it – they really didn’t like the big O’s. And they’re gonna get back to me on the Robo.

Pick, pick, pick – makes ya tired talking to them.

And they hung up before I could get the name of who it is that I am actually talking to.

Nobody likes bad manners.


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