Harperman, A Protest Song

Hear Tony Turner and an impromptu Ottawa choir, including the Raging Grannies with our old friend Alma, take a few strips off Stephen Harper.

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Two big spin-offs from the success of this song:

  • The Harperman Video Challenge – This is an invitation to people across Canada to make their own video of the “Harperman” song, post it on YouTube, and win fabulous prizes… including the satisfaction of helping to save Canada from Harper!
  • The Humongous Harperman Hootenanny – A cross-Canada event taking place on Thursday, September 17th will include a “Harperman” sing-along on Parliament Hill at 2:00 pm Eastern. There will be public “Harperman” sing-alongs in every province on that day, and there will be opportunities for people to participate online from anywhere in Canada.

For more info, go to http://harperman.ca/

November 10: Here’s a great cover of “Harperman” by a group of people from Parkdale, Toronto along with a couple of dogs. (Did I see a cat?)

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12 thoughts on “Harperman, A Protest Song

  1. I think you and your whole singing group are terrorists and need to be arrested under Bill C51 and thrown in a Lavalin-owned private prison, fed nothing but GMO fast food, wash in bitumen (who needs water!), and forced to be lab rats for silent scientists. And I bet every one of you is now being investigated and put on Harper’s no fly list. But hey, you get to vote in prison! Better than being a pansy ass aide worker in some other benighted country for five years. Or a journalist. So… where do I sign up? Very glad that I don’t actually have to be able to carry a tune.


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    • Thanks, Ronda. Seems Canada can sing! The link to “Harperman” was sent to us by one of our readers, Donna Lecht.
      So get those links rolling in, folks. Put your link into a comment, or use the “Contact” tab above.


  3. fantastic! Even the PC caucus knows their time is up. Look at how many of the inner circle are jumping ship!


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