Humans vs Harper Celebrates Canada Day Slide Show

Humans vs Harper is delighted to bring you our Canada Day Slide Show beginning with Stephen Harper – such a party poopster, eh – and traveling true north from there with images that speak to the many of us who have been working to protect our freedom and democracy. 

Below, we present a small excerpt from Alice Monro’s The View from Castle Rock. It spoke to us about Canada and perhaps it will to you, as well.

“Not very long ago I was driving with my husband on the back roads of Grey County, which is to the north and east of Huron County. We passed a country store standing empty at a crossroads. It had old-fashioned store windows, with long narrow panes. Out in front there was a stand for gas pumps, which weren’t there anymore. Close beside it was a mound of sumac trees and strangling vines, into which all kinds of junk had been thrown. The sumacs jogged my memory and I looked back at the store. It seemed to me that I had been here once, and the scene was connected with some disappointment or dismay. I knew that I had never driven this way before in my adult life and I did not think I could have come here as a child. It was too far from home. Most of our drives out of town where to my grandparents’ house in Blyth–they had retired there after they sold the farm. And once a summer we drove to the lake at Goderich. But even as I was saying this to my husband I remembered the disappointment. Ice cream. Then I remembered everything–the trip my father and I had made to Muskoka in 1941, when my mother was already there, selling furs at the Pine Tree Hotel north of Gravehurst.”

Alice Munro, The View from Castle Rock

5 thoughts on “Humans vs Harper Celebrates Canada Day Slide Show

  1. Your Canada Day slideshow should remind us all that we cannot be complacent any longer! Yes, we’re all tired of constantly battling govt. for our rights, but we can’t stop now!! We still need to work hard at getting the word out to be rid of Harper!!


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