Confessions of a Stephen Harper Troll – Chapter 4

TrollRectangleThings are moving along, folks. Meet Spindog, an insider with a temper.

Chapter Four:

Turns out I’m working with a guy. I met him when I was busting up a Nipper-loving site.

He calls himself, Spindog, not Spin and then Dog, but Spindog. Laughs every time he says it.

I don’t exactly know if he is one of us and I’m not going to ask. I figure I just need keep my nose to the squeaky wheel and I’ll hear something.

Meanwhile, just hanging out waiting on approvals for my first two troll tackles or like I say, TTs.

Man, does that take forever. I mean it’s only a couple of sentences – what the fuck?

Back and forth back and forth – like a damn rocking chair going nowhere.

They finally sent the first one back but they redacted it – redacted is when they black stuff out for security.

When I told Spindog that, he hit the roof. Started cursing about five eyes – totally lit up.

I made a little joke about five eyes being better then one, but he just looked at me funny.

Meanwhile, he says I have to come up with a name. Why? He wouldn’t say.

I thought of Snarl, but my guy said no – always with the no, Spindog.

He said it would pigeonhole me. I said, what’s wrong with that – I am who I am?

He just looked at me funny again.

Then my sister calls and says I should come and live in Alberta with her.

I said to her: “You want me to move to NipperLand? The Dark Side?”

“Hey Big Boy, when’s the last time you made $15 an hour?”

She got me! I felt like I put my foot in my mouth and shot it.