First Medal of Irony Goes to Pierre Poilievre

fire-hydrant-on-fireHumans vs Harper is proud to introduce our Medal of Irony, an occasional award to recognize some of the fine folks in the federal government. We notice they regularly find themselves in the awkward position of saying one thing and doing another, yet carry it off with nonchalance and aplomb.

Our first Medal of Irony goes to Pierre Poilievre, Minister for Democratic Reform, who is responsible for the National Capital Commission (NCC). He has just stacked the NCC Board with Conservative party supporters to ensure that all decisions about the notoriously unpopular Memorial to Victims of Communism will be decisions the PMO wants.

New Board members were rushed in for a meeting to decide the shape, size and scope of the monument. Two former members of the NCC were forced to leave a few weeks before their term was up, in order to make room for the newcomers.

The new Board members are all tied to the Conservative Party, including several who made donations during recent elections, one who served as party advisor, another who lost a bid for a federal Conservative seat, and a former Ontario Conservative cabinet minister.

NCC Board members do not receive a salary, but do get a per diem for expenses. We are wondering if another European adventure boondoggle is about to take place. Maybe these conservatives will be rewarded by a round-the-world tour of other momuments. Just research, of course.

Way to go M. Poilievre! Stack the NCC. Ride roughshod over protests by citizens. Restrict public input. In short, acknowledge victims of undemocratic governments by undemocratic means.