Election Fraud Fix? – Carding the Conservative Party’s Candidates

CardingToday, Humans vs. Harper reveals that Carding Security Impact Alliance (CSIA) has set up a carding project to track Conservative Party candidates.

CSIA, a new private sector entry in Canada’s prevention and protection services industry, will roll out the project in the weeks before the upcoming federal election. The company boldly promises to make voting crime free over the 2015 election campaign.

Tracey Grilling, a leading carding expert associated with the new project, agreed to an interview after HvH uncovered Skype tapes of CSIA planning meetings.

Ms. Grilling told us the focus on the Conservative Party only makes sense. “The Conservative Party is well known for its illegal activities over recent federal election campaigns, so we’re only going to build support for democratic carding if we start with the Conservatives.

“And, let’s get real here – these are red light fears. This is political gang culture – we need to disrupt this. REDtraffight

“They got women with them. They recruit women, seducing them with status and money – they have millions and millions of dollars. Next thing you know, these women are victims. Not one of them gets any real power.”

Ms. Grilling generously offered us more background. “Political gangs pose the highest threat to our democracy. The Conservative Party goes after Elections Canada and the Supreme Court – that makes them especially scary.

“One leader runs the show with just his top dogs. The foot soldiers have no idea what’s going on. They wear their special colour with huge pride and they strongly favour certain kinds of coffee. They got their own language – you know they’re around when you see this on a wall: Strong. Proud. Free.

“Everyone is expected to make a life-time commitment to the gang. If you get found out, if you talk, you’re finished. You would be lucky if you even got into a single board room.”

With the project gearing up, Ms. Grilling told us an intensive training program that details the standard Conservative distraction and denial strategies is nearly finalized.

“Our employees need to be exceptionally skilled to read these people. They are hardwired to suppress and conceal and then you have to factor in all their emotional baggage; the resentments, the desperate ambition, the pension fears – it only gets more difficult.”

Ms. Grilling would not reveal the actual carding questions the Conservative candidates would be asked, saying they are still under development. She did confirm that carding candidates would happen randomly at all-candidates meetings and debates and walkabouts with an opening request for photo identification and a Conservative Party membership card, emphasizing that CSIA is “determined to get this right.”

To that end, CSIA will set up a web site to report on carding results by individual candidate and to record those candidates who refuse to be carded. But, as Ms. Grilling quickly asked: “Why would a Conservative Party candidate refuse to be carded when they know that would only make voters more suspicious than they already are?”

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