Confessions of a Stephen Harper Troll – Chapter Five

Latest is they are looking for Tweet Trolls – ramping up. TrollRectangleI actually got the news from my NG – NG stands for Nothing Guy cause the guy usually tells me nothing.

Meanwhile, me and SpinDog, my new bro, are really hitting it off. He’s got these places that are full of liberal zombies – that’s what he calls them.

Like the Toronto Star newspaper – talk about Brownies and Boy Scouts.

So SpinDog lines up some story and he goes off, then I go off. Back and forth, on and on and on. Guy is a natural.

So after a couple of jaunts, I popped the question. Yeah, I was breaking silence, but I was recruiting for the cause. They will love SpinDog.

When I told him about them adding tweets, he said that meant that Harper was scared. I said no fucking way – Harper does not get scared.

He said Harper is a runaway – when things get tough he takes off. He said all that proroguing stuff was just him running home to Mama.

I said leave the Mom out of it.  He said, “Just watch him.”

Anyway, he wants to talk to someone, but I can’t figure how to make that happen without them knowing I was talking,

I was counting chickens when I shoulda been throwing out the bathwater.

But I got my name – I’m SnarlDuck. Was gonna just be Snarl, but my bro convinced me to add the Duck – said it would confuse them cause everyone loves ducks.

I’m good with ducks. Now, we’re Dog and Duck for short.

Anyway, I’m thinking of signing up to be one of the Tweet Trolls because you actually get to say stuff all day long.

I’m trying to wrap my head around the 140 characters shit – I got way more to say then 140 letters worth.

Meanwhile, I was telling SpinDog about maybe going to Alberta.

He said why not go. He said that when hell freezes over, even snowballs get a chance.

Geez, I got a lot to think about.


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