Harpoon 2015

Humans vs Harper has discovered a new player on the anti-Harper team: HARPOON 2015.ca.

And while we gloriously brand ourselves as three old feminists, this new player speaks directly to Canadians aged 19 – 34.

Canadians over 60 have the highest voter turnout of all Canadians. They are a big part of Harper’s base, especially the old white guys in Alberta. (We at Humans vs Harper are by turns mortified, ashamed, shocked and appalled at the actions and ideas put forth by some members of our demographic, and we are often surprised to find ourselves no longer in the radical, trendy, younger demographic. But hey, we’re still working it.)

Harpoon quotes Most of us over 40 know someone— brother, sister, aunt, uncle—who we suspect of supporting Harper. We may have given up on changing their minds; it may be too dangerous to family relationships to even try.

But we also know their kids—our nieces, nephews, grand-and-great-grandchildren—remember, we always gave them the best presents.

Here’s your chance to be the cool aunt or uncle, the grandparent who is “with it,” as we used to say. (BTW, this year’s word for cool is “on fleek.’” Don’t even think of using it; it won’t work for you.)

But what will work to beat Harper is to SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH EVERY YOUNG PERSON YOU KNOW!

Will you do it?

5 thoughts on “Harpoon 2015

  1. Just curious, who funds this site? Can I make a donation? Is it tax deductible like a charity or political organization?


    • Humans vs Harper has no funding. It is powered by many hours of work and play by the three old feminists you can see in the “about” tab in the menu at the top of this page.
      Very pleased with the idea that you want to make a donation, but $$$ are not what we need. You can help by sharing this link with everyone you know, in every way you know (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and even the old methods of in-person talking and phoning). Check out the list on the sidebar for helpful things to do.
      Donations could go to a local candidate running to beat the Harper Conservatives, or to one of the local or national non-profits working to raise awareness of the issues, or to voter education.
      Put a link to our site in your e-mail signature. Or do something wild and crazy yourself!! We encourage it.

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  3. Good one you three – I can’t imagine being young again – but I am meeting a few “young” who also, it seems, think! We boomers are used to being it – this guy could lead the competition.


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