Dear Stephen Harper:

This is to advise you that your employment as Prime Minister will terminate effective October 19, 2015.fired

Your dismissal is the result of your failure to meet the core requirements of your job, despite repeated performance feedback from the Supreme Court, the Auditor General, the Parliamentary Budget Officer, Elections Canada and the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada, not to mention Canada’s First Nations which have both a statutory and traditional relationship with the Canadian Crown.

After performance evaluations (election of 2008) showed that the country did not have complete confidence in your ability to do the job, you were given another opportunity in 2011, based on your performance improvement plan (PIP) which included these performance goals: a balanced budget, economic growth and job creation, and transparency in government.

You have failed to meet the target in any and all of these areas.

In addition, you showed contempt for the parliament, courts, laws, and for this country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

You abused the authority of your position to appoint people of dubious backgrounds who have brought into disrepute the reputation of Canada and its constitutional and governmental institutions.

You were consistently offered resources and additional support to do your job, but you refused them, for example by eliminating the long form census, by muzzling scientists who are employed to give you their expertise, and by engaging in a constant power struggle with the Supreme Court, and civil servants and their representatives.

The country simply cannot afford to provide you with further on-the-job training.

On the date of dismissal, you must turn in the keys to your office in the Centre Block and to 24 Sussex Drive and remove all your personal belongings. Arrangements will be made to assess damage done to the property and you will be required to recompense the Treasury Board for any damages beyond normal wear and tear.

Your drivers, security team, photographers, film crew, and personal care team will be assigned to other duties immediately.


The People of Canada


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  3. We got mail from Mara, with a brilliant idea. She’s inviting people to join her. She says:
    I would like to use the content of this brilliant letter of termination. I have received a personal fund-raising letter from Harper. I would like to print the content of this blog on a pink piece of paper and return it in the included envelope as my response.
    Might be fun if many people did that — uses their postage,+ ties up their staff resources. Any one else want to join me?
    Ahh, using my tax dollars to send the message I hope comes to fruition in October.


    • So true, Judy. We have to watch out for the non-Humans spending our money to persuade us that they have our interests at heart. Watch for the latest chapter of the Troll later today, for example.


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