Liberate Canada – Defeat Stephen Harper on October 19th

1Flags.Harper.1Here we have Stephen Harper with some of his yes men – some of these guys are staying on with him and some are leaving.

As you can see, Harper and his guys are cracked in half and ain’t that the truth about them. Like the rest of us, they are human, but they have cut themselves off from the ability to think rationally and from the ability to see all people as meaningful and significant.

They wander our country decrying this and that and making promise after promise about this and that, all the time telling us they are going to fix everything.

We don’t believe them.

On October 19, let’s end Stephen Harper’s conspiratorial regime. Let’s do that once and for all.

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7 thoughts on “Liberate Canada – Defeat Stephen Harper on October 19th

      • Well, sometimes we do get a bit nervous too, but we regain our confidence when we remember if they ever did decide to take us on, they would look like the idiots they are. Mostly, we understand they’re going to bother with us. And, they can’t ever put Revenue Canada on us for an audit, because we don’t have and would never get, a charitable number.

        Meanwhile, your support is no small thing – it’s part of the vast network that is mobilizing to beat Harper.

        All the best, Nina.



      • Well. I really do appreciate it, because I did 13 years at 7 federal departments and am ,, I think I can tell this part – working through the whistleblower process. so… yeah… I REALLY REALLY appreciate what you are doing. thanks HvH… Nina.


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