Harperman, Second Verse

A few weeks ago we posted a link to “Harperman,” a song by well-known Ottawa folk singer, Tony Turner. It seems to have become the anthem of the movement to get rid of Harper and the Conservatives. Many of you liked the song, and shared it from our blog to Facebook and Twitter.

Well, Tony Turner is back in the news again.

He has been put on administrative suspension from his job as a physical scientist–right now he’s studying migratory birds–at Environment Canada. The Department will assess whether he has broken the prohibition on civil servants being publically partisan. His professional association, the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, is supporting him. They say he “is certainly not in a conflict.”

Since then, his story (and song) has gone viral. It was trending on Twitter in Canada, and has been shared widely on social media. An Indiegogo fundraiser has been launched in support of a cross-Canada sing-along of “Harperman” scheduled for Thursday, September 17. To locate a sing-along event near you, or to find out how to join into the singing from anywhere and everywhere through the internet, or to download the lyrics, visit the Harperman website or check the Facebook event page .

And in case you are one of the few people in the country who hasn’t heard it yet, here it is again.

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