Just 30 Seconds

Zunera Ishaq

Zunera Ishaq

Federal Courts have confirmed a woman’s Charter Right to wear a veil during her citizenship ceremony. The Harper government thinks that Zunera Ishaq should voluntarily sacrifice that right by removing her veil for the ceremony. But only for 30 seconds – just 30 seconds – that’s how long they say her sacrifice will take.

Since Harper thinks that sacrificing one’s rights is so easy and so quick, perhaps he’d like to make a few sacrifices for his fellow Canadians. Humans vs Harper has drawn up a list for him. They’ll only take 30 seconds each. We don’t care if he covers his face. (Actually, we’d prefer it.)

  • Put the missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls on your radar for 30 seconds and call for a commission of inquiry.
  • Re-open the nine regional veterans’ offices that you recently closed.
  • Imagine you believe in climate change.
  • Restore the national long-form census.
  • Pretend for 30 seconds you actually like your fellow Canadians – all of them, not just the ones who voted for you.
  • Stop telling lies for 30 seconds.
  • Part your hair on the right.

Can you make these sacrifices for us Mr Harper? Just 30 seconds! Then you can go back to deception and hypocrisy.

Check out the CBC’s Baloney Meter on this issue: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/baloney-meter-is-niqab-ban-needed-to-prove-citizenship-applicant-s-id-1.2994562

7 thoughts on “Just 30 Seconds

  1. Here’s a comment sent to us by Sylvia:
    In Canada we have the right to religious freedom and to worship who we please, even if we believe that the moon is made of blue cheese or that there is no God and we’re just an alien experiment. HOWEVER, when you mix that religion with politics and start making policies based on your religious beliefs, then it becomes MY business.
    The Christian Alliance Church, Evangelical Christians, believe that the earth is only 6,500 years old and all scientists are liars.
    They believe that without Israel there can be no Armageddon and therefore no Rapture. Therefore Israel must be protected at any cost.
    They do not support abortion or homosexuality and believe that those who aren’t born-again are “lost.”
    WHO is the most PROMINENT member of the Christian Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta? Canada’s Prime Minster, Stephen Harper.


  2. And the list could go on – especially if all he has to do is imagine things – like women are people, like the Rapture isn’t going to come and we need to plan to be here for a long time, like children matter, like Aboriginal people are real people too, like…… I could spend all my time from now to the election thinking these up but it’s time to go vote. Does everybody know (thanks Leonard) you can vote any business day at an Elections Canada office near you??
    Keep up the great post, you three!

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