New Crimes Added to Bill C-24

Bill C-24 poster croppedIn June of this year, the Harper government passed a law that allows the government to revoke Canadian citizenship from dual citizens who are convicted of terrorism, high treason, or other serious offences. Harper said recently he would add other crimes to the list.

We at HvH think that Harper overlooked some equally serious crimes that should be included in Bill C-24. Furthermore, we feel these crimes are so serious they should apply to all Canadians, not just dual citizens.

Finally, revoking someone’s citizenship is no job for a minister. We think an objective outsider should decide, someone like President Putin.

We ask you: Shouldn’t the perpetrators of the following heinous crimes have their citizenship revoked?

  • Bill C-24 DeanPeople who steal elections by using robo calls like some high ranking Conservative party members, by devising in-and-out schemes (several party members, including Nigel Wright), and by making fraudulent expense claims, like Dean del Maestro.
  • People who defraud Canadian taxpayers, like Minister Tony Clement did by using $50 million of taxpayers’ money to buy off his constituents, or like Duffy did by spending $90,000 of taxpayers’ money on his fundraising gigs for the Conservative party.
  • People who lie to the Canadian people like Harper lied about the cover-up of the Duffy scandal, like he lied about the cost of the F-35s, and like he lied about the Afghan detainees.
  • People who pretend that climate change doesn’t exist and lie about meeting Canada’s targets for greenhouse gas reductions, thereby imperilling the health of future generations of Canadians, just like Harper does.
  • People who apologize to Indigenous Peoples and then cut their funding and refuse to call an inquiry of murdered and missing indigenous women and girls, again like Harper and his various ministers on this file.

We think they should all be deported. What do you think?

We realize there is an international law that prevents citizens from being deported to statelessness. Humans vs Harper has learned that the government of a small island in the Pacific will take them all. The only hitch is the island will soon disappear under the ocean due to global warming. We like the irony of that.

2 thoughts on “New Crimes Added to Bill C-24

  1. I was thinking from the beginning that deporting implies another end to the trip – so I’ve wondered if the US would take them – – there is probably room on the Bush ranch for these guys to live and never get in anybody’s way again – certainly the vibes there would be comfortable – or could we put them on a flight that mysteriously gets lost and costs millions of dollars of research time to try to trace – that also seems like the vibes would be good. – Hey maybe Putin would make space for them – only thing is – we have to work with the families left behind to help them recover and take on useful and happy roles as Canadians – in the old sense of the word. But overall – a good idea! – We are including the Mp who called his female partner a dog on the floor of the commons aren’t we – i don’t care what you call that category – just get rid of him!


    • Yes that dog obsessed MP will be going with them. We might have to use an armed forces transport plane to pack them all in but the expense is worth it! Can’t wait for October 20.


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