Duffy Lives: Reviving Harper’s Most Painful Memory

ConopolyOddly, we often have short memories when it comes to the Harper government’s scandals. Of course, a 77-day election campaign is its own distraction.

No doubt, Harper’s Conservatives are grateful that the NDP and the Liberals are out promoting their candidates and campaign policies on their endless search for voter support. They haven’t forgotten the Duffy scandal; they just don’t have a minute to think about it.

However, election time is always a good time to remember. So, Humans vs Harper will take a moment to remind you of the worst federal government scandal in Canadian history, one your sitting Prime Minister apparently knew absolutely nothing about for a very long time.

As the first email below attests, Nigel Wright first brought the problem to the attention of selected senior PMO staff on February 6, 2013. He was worried from the get-go.

EmailONE As the second email attests, by March 23 – only seven weeks later – he was digging into his comfy bank accounts to collect $90,000 to pay off Duffy.


Just over two years later on April 7, 2015, Senator Mike Duffy went on trial on 31 criminal charges related to fraud, breach of trust and bribery. By that time, Wright was fired or maybe he resigned. Let’s just agree that he left under exceedingly difficult circumstances.

Still, we do know that Harper and one of his top guys, Ray Novak still accept Wright’s calls. Again oddly, neither can recall what they talk about when they talk.

The trial comes back in early November. But, we don’t think Harper will be the Canada’s top dog when that day dawns. Still, maybe he’ll remember Duffy. Maybe he’ll take a break from packing up his former official residence to take in the second part of the trial? We’re sure old Duff would appreciate a shout-out.

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