I Used to Vote Conservative

bird group flikr andrew Cheal 615020176_cf06ef4468Humans vs Harper has noticed that a new kind of Twelve-Step program has sprung up all over the land. Harper-No-More offers support groups for people who used to vote Conservative, but now deeply understand they’ve hit bottom and need to change their ways.

While Canadians of all ages are joining the Harper-No-More groups, there were a lot of white hairs at the meeting we attended. Over 50s who have voted Conservative for 30 or more years have an especially hard time kicking the habit. We are proud to bring you some of the “testimony” from these heroes. Their struggle is worth supporting.


Hi, my name is Mohan, and I used to vote Conservative.


My family has always voted Conservative. I remember Diefenbaker and Stanfield. But these Conservatives today are not the same as the old Progressive Conservatives. Harper’s Canada is a harder, sharper Canada—more like the U.S. A. I won’t vote Conservative this time.

Thank you, Mohan!


Hi, my name is Monica, and I used to vote Conservative.


We complain about the health care system in Canada, but I’m older and glad we have such a good system to complain about. I get that the government has to make some judgement calls about what to cut and what to spend, but Harper gave corporations a $60 billion tax break and cut our health care by $39 billion.

I call that poor judgement! I won’t be voting Conservative this year.

Thank you Monica!


Hello! My name is Pierre and I used to vote Conservative.


In my day, we knew our vote counted—we didn’t worry about politicians trying to steal elections. When Mulroney or Clark won or lost we all knew it was fair and square. But Harper is a different Conservative. He’s OK with breaking the election laws. Two Conservative MP’s have resigned—guilty of spending more than the legal limit, and failing to report donations to their campaign. And now we have the Unfair Elections Act that makes it harder for people to vote. I’m glad to be voting against him this year.

Thank you, Pierre


Hi, my name is Du, and I used to vote Conservative.


Since I came to this country, I voted Conservative. I wanted a party that would be good for the economy. But Harper has done a horrible job—400,000 jobs lost in manufacturing. All he cares about is the oil industry. But oil prices crashed, rigs are closed, people are laid off. Boom and bust! Boom and bust! That’s not good for business! I can’t support Harper this election.

Thank you, Du.


Hi, my name is Mary and I used to vote Conservative.


I’m not perfect, but I try to follow Christ’s teaching. It is a Christian duty to feed the poor, but since Harper got elected, more people in Canada go hungry than ever before. It’s time for Harper to go. I won’t vote Conservative this time. I think it’s my Christian duty to vote against him.

Thank you, Mary


Hi, My name is Carmen, and I used to vote Conservative.


I just wanted my kids to grow up, get a job, have a family and be happy. I was thrilled when my daughter got married—two grandchildren! Then she got divorced I’m sad to say. She has a good job, but she pays $900 a month for day care and they barely scrape by.

Harper’s plans only help people who are rich—the families that can afford to have Mom stay home to look after the kids. Maybe if we vote him out, we can get daycare my daughter can afford. He won’t get my vote this month.

Thank you, Carmen!


Hi, My name is Lee An, and I used to vote Conservative.


My family has voted Conservative ever since we came to Canada. I voted for Brian Mulroney, and now Mulroney comes out against Harper saying he’s hurt Canada’s international reputation. He even joked about it: “When Canada, for the first time in our history, loses a vote at the United Nations to become a member of the Security Council… you should look in the mirror and say: “Houston, I think we have a problem.” Well, I’m looking in the mirror and we have a problem. I won’t be voting Conservative this year.

Thank you, Lee An!


Hi. My name is Vi, and I used to vote Conservative.


It’s not fair. When my late husband got out of the army after the war, he got a free education. We always voted Conservative together, ever since we married in 1945. I was in the army too, and now that I’m a senior, they help me with medicine and other things I need. Nowadays, Canadian soldiers come back from war, and they can’t get the help they need to get back on their feet. They signed up in good faith, but the Harper government has not kept its part of the bargain. For the first time in my life, I won’t be voting Conservative.

Thank you, Vi!


The meeting went on into the night—lots of people who have voted Conservative before spoke about kicking their terrible habit.

Harper-No-More support meetings go on every day and night, all over the country. They can count on our support in their struggle to stay on the wagon on October 19.

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