Hey Con Party – Don’t Stop on Your Way Out

CON cloudHere we decided to echo all the  wonderful STOP Harper messaging that has criss crossed the country for years by naming all the top rank Tory candidates we all want to STOP  – the elite of what we now call the Con Party.  We know them collectively as We Who Obey and individually as MPs and cabinet ministers who never did and never intended to do a good job for all the Canadians they were sworn to serve. And, since honesty is always the best policy, we’re gladly confessing that we want to STOP every single Conservative who is running for federal office from sea to sea to sea. That sure would be one hell of a shining moment!

4 thoughts on “Hey Con Party – Don’t Stop on Your Way Out

  1. In Canada we have the right to religious freedom and to worship who we please, even if we believe that the moon is made of blue cheese or that there is no God and we’re just an alien experiment. HOWEVER, when you mix that religion with politics and start making policies based on your religious beliefs, then it becomes MY business.
    The Christian Alliance Church, Evangelical Christians, believe that the earth is only 6,500 years old and all scientists are liars.
    They believe that without Israel there can be no Armageddon and therefore no Rapture. Therefore Israel must be protected at any cost.
    They do no support abortion or homosexuality and believes that those who aren’t born-again are “lost.”
    WHO is the most PROMINENT member of the Christian Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta? Canada’s Prime Minster, Stephen Harper.
    Does this help you to understand where a lot of the policies that have been made in Canada stem from?

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    • Thanks for your comment,Sylvia. We are entirely of the same mind. Knew of Harper’s association with the Christian Alliance Church and, therefore, his constant worrying about the Rapture. Didn’t know he was the prominent believer in Calgary. Expecting he’ll have lots of time for private prayer after the election.



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    • Just days to go dykewriter and you’re still checking in which is great because we are post on as the election campaign draws to a close. When lots of media people keep telling us it’s too close to call, that makes us happy. It totally demonstrates that the Harper Cons are having a really hard time convincing more people to vote for them. They still have their core supporters, but they need far more then that to win a majority. Looks like we’re in minority government land and that means Harper is done.


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