Harper: Show Us the Deal!

TPP MickeyWhat are you afraid of Mr Harper?

  •  Afraid we’ll find out about your record of trade deficits?
  • Afraid we’ll ask you to show us the so-far-unseen benefits of the other 39 agreements you have signed?
  • Afraid we’ll clue in to the vast privileges being awarded the corporate world?
  • Afraid we’ll find out that corporations can sue governments for interfering with their profits, when, for example, we increase the minimum wage or legislate environmental protections?
  • Afraid we’ll be reminded that under NAFTA Canada has already paid out over $200 million in so-called fines to corporations?
  •  Afraid we’ll find out you’ve given away 20,000 well-paid jobs in the auto parts sector?
  •  Afraid we’ll find out that we have to give up subsidies for our cultural products?
  •  Afraid you won’t get re-elected?

Don’t worry. You won’t be re-elected so you might as well show us the deal.

Do something for us before you go.

5 thoughts on “Harper: Show Us the Deal!

  1. So many things – so many of them secret – and it takes a strong population to stand up against secrets – we can’t count on those who are “in” on the secret to be against it – who knows what other things have been done in secret that might allow them to “get” us – well you see what i mean – secrets=fear.


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