Humans vs Harper Final Slide Show – Focus: Bye Bye Harper

As the election draws ever closer, Humans vs Harper will soon begin packing up our blog, so it’s a great time to bring you our final HvH slide show. While we still have a few more posts coming, here’s a trip down HvH  Memory Lane showing many of the images that accompanied our posts. Since every picture says – at least – a thousand words, the slides  will bring you thousands of reminders of why so many Canadians so immediately understood that we must stop Harper once and for all.

To activate the slide show, click on any image.

Below an excerpt from Sandy Cameron’s poem, We Need A New Map

We Need a New Map – Excerpt

Drawing a new map

is like singing.

Voicehandler asked Loon

why she talked so much

and Loon replied,

“Well, Sir, I’m not just talking

to my own ears.

The spirit-beings tell me

they have no place to live.

That’s the reason I keep talking.”

Loon sings the sacred

into the world

and creates a new map.

Sing your song, friend.

Tell your story.

The map we inherited

isn’t any good.

The old roads mislead.

We need a new map.

Sandy Cameron (1931-2010) was a poet, teacher, logger, and prospector who wrote beautiful poetry and worked for social justice. He helped people understand the history of our struggles so they would be encouraged and he was a true nature lover. He lived  for many years in the DTES and most everything he wrote was published in the Carnegie Newsletter. This intro borrows from a tribute by Jean Swanson, a long time friend and DTES activist.