VOTE! You Know You Want To

It’s Election Day. This post is going live at midnight in Newfoundland, so if it is still October 18 where you are reading it, go to bed. You have work to do in the morning.
We have two videos for you, one serious and one funny. That’s how divided we are after this endless campaign. We hope we come out laughing, but only after the serious work of voting is done.
Here’s the first one. Under 90 seconds, a couple of hundred words, and great graphics.

And here’s one last song to sing on your way to the polls, by Paul Kolinski.

When you go to vote, be sure to take some ID with photo and address (e.g., driver’s licence) OR two pieces of ID, one with photo, one with address. Remember: You don’t have to be registered to vote. More information here and here.
So go vote. Vote as if your future depends on it. Believe us  ̵  it does.

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