October 20, 2015



It’s been five months since Humans vs Harper took to social media to express our frustration and concern about the direction Harper was taking our country.

Since then, we posted over 100 articles and saw over 45,000 hits and 25,000 visitors to our blog. But we were just a small part of an unprecedented wave of anti-Harper sentiment on-line. Songs, Facebook pages, blogs, twitter handles, videos, photo posters, signs, stickers, and endless conversations among Canadians, all of which had the common goal of getting rid of Stephen Harper. Facebook pages with names like Heave Steve, Shit Harper Did, Stop Harper, Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper, and Women Against Stephen Harper illustrate the depth of anger and frustration.

This on-line movement fed on itself, expanded and exploded. As the reception grew, it’s momentum supported a fierce desire for change, for a new government. And that’s what we got. Even if we might have preferred a different result we celebrate the fact that through raising our voices we defeated a vile government.

Thanks to everyone who read our blog, who commented, who liked us, who signed up, who shared, who retweeted and favourited us. You kept us going all these months and you defeated Harper. In the coming months, we’ll all see what we can make of this new beginning.

8 thoughts on “October 20, 2015

  1. Thanks for all you did to ensure Harper would be removed from power. You did it most effectively and with considerable class! I think Justin Trudeau will be a big improvement, but I would be most happy to see this website morph into a place where we can maintain a discourse about how our Canadian government is functioning.


    • Thank you for your kind words Hermit. We agree that Trudeau will be an improvement and would have felt the same about Mulcair. We never intended to carry on, but you and a few others have made that suggestion. We’ll decide next week. Problem is that now that Harper has departed, there’s no other elected politician that we can so easily and so often make look so foolish.


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  2. Thank you for your part in defeating Harper and the Conservatives and doing it so eloquently and with humour. I always looked forward to your missives and frequently spread them among my friends on the Coast and on facebook. .I’m going to miss you.

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    • Thank you! For the humour, very entertaining spoofs and mockery, incisive critique and reminding us of the maudlin facts of our politics. I will miss you too! But hey, let’s make sure Justin knows we are taking nothing for granted. Harper may be gone but his ideas are not…yet.

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      • Hi Suzanne, we fully share your desire to keep Justin honest and full of gratitude to Canadians over his first term as PM. While he is not Harper, he is a politician and it doesn’t seem to take very long before such creatures start to feel entitled to their power and the perks it brings. We so agree that Harper’s ideas still circulate in our country. Here’s hoping Canadians see them for what they are the next time they come around.

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    • And a real big thank to you for doing your part up there on the Sunshine Coast, Judy. We just loved making fun of Harper and his acolytes week in and week out. We intended to make people laugh at him and we managed to do a pretty good job of that.


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