Humans vs Harper

Humans vs Harper

Who Are We?

We are three old feminists who despise Stephen Harper and all he stands for. We have had it with his remake of the Canadian agenda.

We don’t want a Canada where the highest value is “me first” and the most important goal is to make lots of money and avoid taxes.  We care about those who are less well off, about rights and justice, about healthy communities, and about the stewardship of our environment.

We see Stephen Harper as the quintessential emperor with no clothes—an archetypal, extreme right-wing politician whose greatest accomplishment has been to fool Canadians into thinking he offers foresight, integrity, and economic competence.

At Humans vs Harper, we intend to show Harper for what he truly is—a vain and prideful fool, so deeply insecure that there is no limit to what he will do to maintain control and power.

Esther Shannon, Vancouver     Kate Nonesuch, Victoria     Wendy McPeake, Ottawa