Where’s Harpo?

Where’s Harpo?

empty seatConservative Candidates don’t show up for all-candidates meetings in ridings all across the country. Someone orders them not to attend. Do the orders come from Harper himself, or is someone else pulling the strings?

waldo flickr Leon LeeNot showing up, however, is a prime ministerial tradition that Mr. Harper started all by himself. Here are some of the places we would expect leadership from the prime minister, but Harper just didn’t show up. Continue reading

Update: Eleven Things Stephen Harper Does Not Ever Do

Update: Eleven Things Stephen Harper Does Not Ever Do

parliafire1Humans vs Harper is updating our Ten Things post to add an 11th point on women along with a bonus video (see below) on Harper’s record on women’s issues. Everybody gets that, right?

In our first Ten Things post, we wrote:  Here it is September and we’re moving into the last six weeks of the election campaign. Well, now it’s October and there are  just four days left.  And, as he worked his way through September, Harper kept on doing the kind of things that have always appalled so many Canadians. In less then a month, Harper

Sought to deport a convicted terrorist by misusing that person’s dual citizenship as a rationale for the deportation thereby introducing the notion of “two-tiered” citizenship to our country. Noting, that provision of Bill C- 24 is unlikely to survive a Charter challenge.

Sought to violate the Charter rights of a women seeking to vote while wearing a niqab. The courts twice ruled the government moves illegal. His campaign against the niqab sparked violence against Moslem women and  led many in the Moslem community to charge that Harper was targeting them to win votes. Many thought it racist.

Taken his greasy fear campaign to some B.C. and Ontario ridings warning those communities they will be overrun by drug addicts and dotted with brothels if another party is elected. Harper has no concern for Canadians who suffer from addiction, and, no surprise, we see that his rhetoric about protecting sex workers because they are victims is as thin as his conscience.

  1. He does not fill us with wonder.
  2. He does not respect the value of First Nations cultures, heritages and languages and the justice of their land and self-government rights.
  3. He does not forge genuine relationships between Aboriginal peoples and other Canadians to fight against the attitudes that inspired the Indian residential school system and perpetuated its racist norms.
  4. He does not act as if all communities, families and individuals deserve an equal opportunity to be strong and secure.
  5. He does not govern as if he has a duty of care and compassion to people who seek refuge from persecution and violence.
  6. He does not warn us that global warming is a critical and urgent problem now verging on a catastrophe for the planet.Image from HvH post: Celebrating Canada Day Slide Show
  7. He does not support women’s equality.  In November 2006: Harper removed the words “equality,” “advocacy,” and “action” from the mandate of Status of Women Canada, the most important government department on women’s equality.
  8. He does not understand the necessity or value of truth telling and ethical conduct.
  9. He does not value nuance, respect for others, collaboration and cooperation.
  10. He does not foster free speech, open parliamentary and public debate or equal citizen access to justice and information.
  11. He does not make us proud of our country’s policies and actions or of our government’s commitment to public accountability.
Healthy Mother and Babies — Depends on Where Mom Lives

Healthy Mother and Babies — Depends on Where Mom Lives

firehydrant2This time our Medal of Irony goes to Prime Minister Stephen Harper whose support for maternal health in the developing world comes amidst cutbacks to First Nations health services when those same services are already desperate for more resources.

At the June 2010 G8 Summit hosted by Canada, Harper pledged $2.85 billion over five years to keep mothers and babies healthy in the developing world. At a follow-up meeting in May 2014, Harper committed another $3.5-billion in funding to improve the health of moms and kids in low-income countries. Harper has designated this program as a signature priority, saying:

“There is a moral imperative to saving the lives of vulnerable women and children in some of the poorest Continue reading

Honouring National Aboriginal Day, June 21, 2015

Honouring National Aboriginal Day, June 21, 2015

In 1982, the National Indian Brotherhood — now the Assembly of First Nations — called for the creation of a National Aboriginal Solidarity Day to take place annually on June 21. In 1996, after many calls from First Nations communities and organizations, the federal government of the day officially declared June 21 National Aboriginal Day.

“I want my great grandchildren to be able to fall in love with every piece of our territory. I want their bodies to carry with them, every story, every song, and every piece of poetry hidden in our Anishinaabe language. I want them to be able to dance through their lives with joy. I want them to live without fear because they know respect, because they know in their bones what respect feels like. I want them to live without fear because they have a pristine environment with clean waterways that will provide them with the physical and emotional sustenance to uphold their responsibilities to the land, their families, their communities and their nations. I want them to be valued, heard and cherished by our communities and by Canada no matter their skin colour, their physical and mental abilities, their sexual orientation or their gender orientation. Continue reading