Humans vs Harper Final Slide Show – Focus: Bye Bye Harper

Humans vs Harper Final Slide Show – Focus: Bye Bye Harper

As the election draws ever closer, Humans vs Harper will soon begin packing up our blog, so it’s a great time to bring you our final HvH slide show. While we still have a few more posts coming, here’s a trip down HvH  Memory Lane showing many of the images that accompanied our posts. Since every picture says – at least – a thousand words, the slides  will bring you thousands of reminders of why so many Canadians so immediately understood that we must stop Harper once and for all. Continue reading

Behind The TPP Curtain: Harper’s Secret Free Trade Deal

Behind The TPP Curtain: Harper’s Secret Free Trade Deal

free-trade-agreements-tpp-ttip-tisa-democracyHere at Humans vs. Harper, we have not read the text of the secret Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. We’re willing to bet that you have not seen the highly complicated thousand-page-plus text either.

Obviously, the 12 governments negotiating the deal have the text. And, it’s highly likely that the dozens and dozens of corporate lobbyists working to make sure the deal immensely strengthens corporate power internationally have also seen the text. It’s worth noting that the full text of the 1988 Canada – U.S. free trade agreement – our first ever free trade agreement – was publically available for months before the deal was finalized.

Meanwhile, the TPP may well be the greatest corporate gravy train ever, but, once underway, Continue reading

Harper’s Secret Women’s Report Has No Secrets:

Harper’s Secret Women’s Report Has No Secrets:

“Hello Friends, my name is Secret Women’s Report, but you can call me SR for short.PodiumLiar

“Right now I’m sitting in the Humans vs. Harper green room waiting for an interview. Usually, I’m at the Ottawa office called Status of Women Canada. It is always really nice and quiet, the very best environment for secret reports. However, it is nice to get out to an open environment from time to time. My Mama always said being an SR didn’t mean we couldn’t explore.

“You probably don’t know my Mama was a celebrated SR when life for SRs was really hard. Back then governments were so deeply ashamed of SRs that no SR ever saw the light of day. The best SRs came in humble never feeling proud of who they were, let alone of what they did for Canada. Continue reading

Mr. Harper: Are you Having a Really Hard Time?

Mr. Harper: Are you Having a Really Hard Time?

AnybodyButAt Humans vs. Harper we believe  that when a political party’s internal campaign problems start leaking out to the public, that party is having a really hard time. No one likes having a really hard time during an election campaign.

One reason it’s especially hard is that everyone inside the campaign gets really mad at the party people who are harming the campaign with their revealing talk to the media. Then the talkers get mad at the campaign insiders because they won’t face up to the fact that the campaign could be going off the rails. Continue reading

Confessions of a Stephen Harper Troll – Chapter Nine

Confessions of a Stephen Harper Troll – Chapter Nine

TrollRectangleSo it’s noon and we are heading out for our first door-knocking shift.

Feeling a little shifty cause Spindog came over to the motel last night and we went drinking.

We got this huge box of stuff, CDs and everything, in the trunk all about the free money for the kids and how to sign up people. We got the ID badges on and we got another huge box of Party t-shirts in case anybody asks for one. And lots of other Party stuff in the back seat.

Spindog is reading up on the tax deal in the front seat. It’s supposed to be simple, but it’s not.

He says to me, “I got an idea.”

“Can’t wait,” I say.

“We’re only getting paid $20 an hour,” he says“

And all our meals and rooms are paid for,” I say.

“Just, let me finish, man.”

He says, “We’re going door-to-door anyway, so why not try and make money at the same time? Greenpeace pays people to go door-to-door to raise money for them, so let’s sign up to do that.”

“Oh yeah, Greengrease, that’s the ticket,” I say.

He says he’s done it before and made money and it’s real easy.

“They’’ll never know,” he says.

Besides, if Poilievre can wear whatever T-shirt he wants, why can’t we?”

So we jump in the car and spend an hour at the ratty little Greengrease office getting set up, with Spindog doing all the talking, saying we both did it before. The woman says don’t push people too hard and we take off with clipboards and Greengrease T-shirts. By now it’s lunch and we go to Mickey D’s. Everything takes for fucking ever.

Back in the car we head out to a part of the city called Strathcona. Spindog has his Greengrease T-shirt on and I’m knocking on doors. Finally, someone answers and I go into the speech. “Do you have children under 18?” is the first thing we’re supposed to ask.

“Well, who are you?” the woman asks.

So, we show her the ID and she’s looking it over real careful. Meantime, I’m trying to show her the tax stuff, so she gets the picture. Then Spindog decides to start talking about Greengrease.

The chick starts getting freaked out so I’m trying to shut up Spindog and he’s not listening and she up and slams the door on us.

So me and him are on the sidewalk and I’m saying, “One thing at a time, dude. First the taxes, then Greengrease or first Greengrease and then taxes – I really don’t give a fuck.”

He says, “Let’s go for a beer.”

I say, “Let’s finish this street and then go for a beer.”

So we try next door. No one’s home and that’s the way it goes.

Next thing, a cop car pulls up.

“Howdy, boys. What’s up? Let’s see some ID.”

Steve and Arthur and Every Breath You Take – Ten Questions

Steve and Arthur and Every Breath You Take – Ten Questions

Tweedles1Humans vs. Harper keeps learning more and more about Stephen Harper and his right wing evangelical gun-toting posse. We’ve recently learned that his official Conservative Party lawyer is a fellow evangelical by the name of Arthur Hamilton.

Arthur and Steve have been together since the founding of the Conservative Party in Continue reading